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Speaker at the international conference “Innovation Roundtable”, 22 March 2022

by Massimo

It is a honor for me to speak at the next conference of Innovation Roundtable in Lyon on the 22nd March 2022. 

Link to the website of the conference: www.innovationroundtable.com

Title: DSM • Organizing and Managing AI and Data-Driven Projects – How to Set Up Digital Hubs, Drive Change, and Manage Challenges in AI Projects – Massimo Buonaiuto, EMEA Principal Scientist


Massimo Buonaiuto will talk about how to organize for and manage AI and data-driven projects. He will explain how organizations can set up digital hubs depending on their strategy and existing infrastructure. Massimo will also discuss lessons learned including key elements to ensure change management success, as well as explain how DSM set up projects and organizational structures. He will also provide use cases to illustrate how to manage AI projects and deal with challenges.  

  • How to structure the company to face the challenges of data science:
    • Designing digital hubs – different ways of setting up digital hubs depending on existing infrastructure and long-term strategy
    • Identifying areas of impact of digital transformation – and how to prioritize depending on impact
    • Change management practices – the importance of communication, transforming teams into champions of change, and changing resource allocation
    • How to manage the lack of best practices and avoid expensive fails in AI
  • Use cases and managing AI and data-driven projects:
    • How DSM set up projects and implemented organizational structures to ensure success
    • How to deliver the answers that data science aims to provide – and manage high levels of uncertainty
    • How to deal with the AI black box – how to explain the results of AI models and ensure the value of prediction
    • How to set up data governance and align it with business needs




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