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Speaker at “R&D 4.0 Strategy Day “, 30th November 2023 in Zurich, Switzerland

by Massimo

I will speak at the next conference “R&D 4.0 Strategy Day “, 30th November 2023 | Zurich, Switzerland. 

Generative AI in the Industry 4.0

In this compelling presentation, Massimo Buonaiuto, an international speaker and Principal Scientist with over 20 years of experience in data science and AI innovation, describes how Generative AI will empower revolutionize R&D processes and manufacturing. Drawing from his extensive experience at leading organizations like DSM-Firmenich, United Nations, and Fairtrade Handels, Massimo offers a nuanced perspective on how ChatGPT can be both an asset and a challenge for employees and employers alike.
What are the next steps in R&D transformation? At 4.0 Strategy Day (redev40.com) on Nov 30 in Zurich and online R&D professionals discuss latest R&D trends for the digital age in plenary sessions and networking rounds. Adapting R&D for short innovation cycles, better customer centricity and digital products and business models requires the integration of agile management, (partly) open innovation, capable metrics/KPIs and digital technologies like AI, simulation software or big data analytics.
Pleased to present a very practice-oriented program with keynotes from Silvio Weber (Miltenyi Biotec), Edwige Fiaclou (Swissquote), Matthias Glätzle (ADLER Coatings Group), Fabiano Assi (Federal Institute of Metrology), Sebastian Grimm (ZF Group), Jens Koehler (BASF), Till Kuehn (Bruker BioSpin), Dr. Quy Vo-Reinhard (DHealth), Marcus Chambers (Vectura Fertin Pharma), Jorit J. K. Schmelzle (Peregrine.ai), Andreas SchweigerMassimo Buonaiuto (DSM)


Agenda: click here

Link to the website of the conference: https://redev40.com/


R&D with its active impact on value chains, portfolios and business models sets the foundation for corporate digitalization towards Industry 4.0. R&D 4.0 Strategy Day helps professionals to expand their knowledge about R&D transformation by highlighting successful corporate strategies, use cases and latest scientific insights in presentations and discussions. Additionally, we offer time and space for one-on-one and group networking, which attendees can schedule themselves by our networking app.


  • Integrated and Agile R&D Transformation in a High-Tech Environment
  • Digital tools and AI in R&D
  • Big Data / Data Analytics in R&D
  • KPIs 
  • Transformation in R&D Execution and Cultural Change
  • Cost and Value Management in R&D
  • Agile Transformation and Portfolio Management
  • Concepts for Connectivity and Usability
  • Structured Development Approach
  • Preparing Organisation, Competencies and Staff to the Digital Age
  • Patterns and Perspectives on Product Engineering Efficiency in the Age of Digitalization
  • Transition towards Customer Centricity 

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