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Technical Certificates

by Massimo

You can find below the list of my 34 Technical Certificates, including a Master’s degree in Computer Science and several specializations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

To access my certifications on Management and Leadership, click here.


Generative AI for Business Leaders

Generative Al: Working with Large Language Model

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers

Building Systems with the CHATGPT API

Certificate on Generative AI (ChatGPT): GANs and Diffusion Models in Machine Learning

PyTorch Essential Training - Deep Learning

Microsoft Azure Synapse for Developers

Natural Language Processing with PyTorch

Azure Spark Databricks Essential Training

Data Labeling for Machine Learning (Azure)

Salesforce Essential Training

Certificate "Creating the Environment for Productive Virtual Teams"

Certificate "Career Wellness Nano Tips with Shadé Zahrai"

Certification AWS SageMaker

AWS Essential Training for Developers

AWS Essential Training for Architects

Xebia 2020 Certificate Reinforcement Learning

Xebia 2020 Data Science Expert Training

Xebia Advanced Python Certificate

Visual Studio Code for Python Developers

SAP S/4HANA: Beyond the Basics

Certificate Algorithmic Trading and Finance Models with Python, R, and Stata Essential Training

IBM Cybersecurity Compliance Framework & System Administration

React.js Essential Training

React.js Components Context and Accessibility

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