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Speaker at the Global TechOps Leadership Team of Incyte on Generative AI – 20th February 2024 in Morges, Switzerland

by Massimo

I will speak at the next Leadership Meeting at Incyte, 14th February 2024 | Morges, Switzerland.

Impact and Applications of Generative AI in the Pharmaceutical Industry

I am pleased to present an overview of the presentation I will make to the Leadership Team of Incyte, a Pharmaceutical Company based in Morges, Switzerland.

I will focus on the transformative role of Generative AI across various sectors in the pharmaceutical industry, including its impact on workforce and key applications in drug development, clinical and commercial supply, manufacturing, quality assurance, and regulatory submissions.

Generative AI and Its Impact on Workforce and Employees: This section will explore how generative AI is reshaping the workforce landscape. We will delve into the potential for enhanced productivity, the creation of new roles, and the necessity for reskilling and upskilling employees to adapt to AI-driven environments.

Application to Drug Development: We will examine how generative AI accelerates drug discovery processes, from identifying new drug candidates to predicting drug-target interactions. The focus will be on the reduction of time and costs, and the increase in the efficiency of R&D processes.

Application to Clinical and Commercial Supply – Planning & Forecasting: This segment will cover how generative AI can revolutionize supply chain management. We will discuss AI’s role in demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and enhancing the agility of supply chain responses to market changes.

Application to Manufacturing: Here, we will explore the integration of generative AI in manufacturing processes. The emphasis will be on predictive maintenance, process optimization, and how AI can aid in scaling production while maintaining high-quality standards.

Application to Quality Assurance: This part will address the utilization of generative AI in quality assurance, focusing on automated quality checks, real-time monitoring, and predictive analytics to anticipate and prevent quality issues.

Application to Regulatory Submission (CMC Submission): Finally, we will discuss the application of generative AI in regulatory submissions, especially in Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC). The focus will be on how AI can streamline data analysis, enhance documentation accuracy, and ensure compliance with evolving regulatory standards. This application promises to significantly reduce the time and resources required for regulatory submissions, while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and compliance.

Link to the website of the Incyte: https://incyte.com/

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