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Hall of Fame speaker at Future Labs 2021

I am honored to attend the FUTURE LABS Live 2021. Wonderful experience with talents around the world to talk about digital transformation, data science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.


Labs, be they focused on research and development or on the creation of products and services, are the backbone of industry. The former turn money into knowledge while the latter turn knowledge back into money. Despite this, the potential of labs remains underutilised.

Technological, organisational, and cultural change remains a challenge across multiple industries. Transforming the lab and those who use it must happen now!

Future Labs LIVE is essential and timely. Held over two days, with over eighty global experts Future Labs will provide comprehensive and interactive coverage of the key issues and technologies.


Our vision is to create the world’s most important R&D lab event focusing on digitalisation, connectivity, and automation.

Future Labs unites leading stakeholders from across the entire laboratory eco-system to create insight and to promote collaboration. We guarantee to give you an experience that is engaging, collaborative and global.

Link to screenshot in PDF format.

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