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2002-03 Launch of InfoFinder at United Nations IFPRI, Washington DC (US)

by Massimo


InfoFinder Launch at IFPRI, Washington DC (USA)

A new online search tool for agricultural and environmental information has been unveiled by a consortium of global food and environmental research organizations, marking a significant advancement in digital resource access. This innovative platform was introduced in anticipation of the forthcoming “World Food Summit: Five Years Later” in Rome, underscoring its pivotal role in transforming access to specialized agricultural and development data.

The tool, named Info Finder and accessible via http://infofinder.cgiar.org, represents a concerted effort among several key organizations. These include the World Agricultural Information Center, operated under the auspices of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; Future Harvest Centers across the globe; and the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR).

Francisco Reifschneider, the Director of CGIAR, emphasized the exponential growth of agricultural information available online and pointed out that Info Finder significantly facilitates swift access to an extensive repository of agricultural knowledge produced by the Future Harvest Centers. The system leverages FAO’s proprietary technologies, employing common standards such as keywords from the Agrovoc agricultural thesaurus to streamline the search process for online information.

In the context of this collaboration, Francisco Perez-Trejo, manager at the World Agricultural Information Center, highlighted the FAO’s commitment to enhancing the reach, impact, and sustainability of agricultural information management systems through strategic partnerships.

The CGIAR, established in 1971, stands at the forefront of this endeavor as a premier development partnership. It fosters a comprehensive knowledge network among 16 Future Harvest Centers, dedicated to addressing the pressing challenges of agriculture and development.

Massimo Buonaiuto’s participation in this initiative underscores the critical role of leading data science and digital transformation experts in advancing agricultural research and information dissemination. Through such collaborative efforts, the global community moves closer to achieving sustainable agricultural practices and food security.

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